Saturday, February 6, 2010

Charlotte Turns 1

Charly turned one on January 30th! We were very excited for her.
The boys made her some cupcakes, had some family over to eat them.
She had a great day, even sat on Grandpa's lap for an extended amount of time.

Posing for the camera. Had to put her in the bath directly after eating a cupcake.

Watching the movie "UP" with her brothers.
That movie played non-stop until I mailed it back to Netflix.
Even Charlotte liked to watch the movie. I think it was all the colors.
Her favorite thing to do is to make a mess.
Here she is un-organizing my sock drawer.
Yes, my sock drawer is organized. She enjoys pulling everything out.
We went & got her pics taken.
Thank goodness for all the free coupons we get from The Picture People.
I tried scanning them in, but I couldn't format the picture to jpeg.
MAC has changed their program.
Anyone know how to change pics from TIFF to jpeg?

Any ways, here's a link to check out her photo shoot. Pictures

On her one year check up, the Doc was concerned about her weight.
She hasn't gained any weight in about 4 months. She's in the 3rd percentile.
I was shocked cause all this kid does is eat eat eat.
So the suggestion was to put EVOO in her food. Gross.
I guess it's more french fries for her.

Her stats: 17 lb 3 oz
2' 4.5"


The Caldwell's said...

Wow! She turns 1 already??? That's crazy. She is such a beautiful girl!! Happy Birthday!

The Shaffers said...

Little Miss Charly, so beautiful so little so sweet.. Hannah was about that size at a year but i think she was shorter. But she was gaining, so i would be a little concerned about her weight too. And i think Logan has passed her up in weight now.. Hopefully she will put on some weight quickly. Miss you guys! I love the pic where shes in the sock drawer, shes like "what mom im not doing anything wrong"! How can you get upset with a face like hers!?!

The Shaffers said...

Oh i need a passcode to view the pics!

nisa said...

I remember having a similar issue with Sarah. She weighed 19lbs at 14 months and was also in the 3rd percentile. She hated to eat though. Our Dr. also suggested sneaking avocado on her food. I never did because I thought she might eat less! She's still smallish but seems to be catching up at age 9. Don't stress too much if she is eating a lot and make sure she gets healthy fats(which I am sure you already know! :) )

nisa said...
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Julie said...

I can't believe she is already 1. Time has gone by so fast.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Charly! From all the Martins

Michelle said...

Wow, it seems like you just had her! I want the passcode too.

spencenjess said...

Happy Birthday! As you know, we've had weight issues with Emma for quite some time. We've had suggestions from the ped. like: add butter to everything, add Carnation Instant Breakfast to all baked goods, toss in an extra egg yolk.... After a lot of stressing out, I'm done. She's fine, and I just get to enjoy her littleness longer.