Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hasleton Quotes

Conversation between Grant & I:

Grant: Mom, when do we get to go to the Zoo again?
Mom: Love, we don't have money for that right now.
Grant: But I have lots of money in my piggy bank. (maybe $2 in change)
Mom: You know that your money goes into the bank to save up for college, a mission & a nice engagement ring.
Grant: What's an engagement ring?
Mom: After your mission, you will meet a nice girl who has also served a mission, that wants to have at least 5 kids, & that mommy & daddy really like. You'll ask her to marry you, & give her a pretty ring. See, this is the one Daddy gave me.

Grant runs away real quick, when he comes back.....

Grant: But I already have one of those. See look, mine is bigger!

I hope you meet a girl that will accept that sweetie.

During Prayer:

Grant: Mom, will you tell me what to say?
Mom: Just tell Heavenly Father what you're thankful for.
Grant: I'm thankful for my friends, my blanket, my pillow, my books, the stars & boats but I don't think they're stickers, they won't come off, I tried & tried, I think they might be paint, but I'm not sure......

This was his view. Please don't judge the dirty wall.

While in the car.

Mom: Come on guys. I know you can buckle up faster than this
Grant: Why do we have to always buckle up?
Mom: To keep you safe just in case there is an accident. And it is the law. We try to always follow the law.
Grant: If we don't, will the police come get us?
Mom: No, they will get Mommy for not keeping you safe.
Grant: Will they take you to jail?
Mom: If I'm not a good girl, yes.

Nathan: If the police take you to jail, I will kill all the bad guys so they'll let you out.

You have to imagine Nate with his aggressiveness & shooting at the same time. Such a sweetie to kill all the bad guys to break me free.


spencenjess said...

Free Zoo admission on Saturday, the 12th!! We're planning to go.

We have lots of those conversations about lack of money--usually when passing by McDonald's. Genna always seems to think she has enough in her bank for a cheeseburger.

CeAnne said...

Haha, kids are so stink'n funny. Love the part about the ring though!