Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Been Busy

Needed some good homemade Christmas & housewarming gifts.
Bought some terry clothe,
surged the edges (you can tell I haven't trimmed the edges yet),
and learned how to applique'. It was tons of fun & looks good.
I made some others that look better.
Can't post them cause it will spoil the surprise.
A birthday present for one of Grant's classmates.
She got a dollhouse from her mom,
made her some blankets & pillows for the beds.
And these have been a great hit.
Kirsti came into town with these super cute necklaces.
They are super easy & fun to make.
Here is the site I liked the best for instructions.
Some advice, if you're making these for gifts, make some duplicates.
The hardest part is deciding which ones to give away.


CeAnne said...

Those necklaces look so fun and affordable! How to you find time to do all this stuff? Seems like I'm always busy or buy the supplies and never get to it. Such cute ideas you have!

CeAnne said...

Ok so you have me addicted now. What size beads did you use, everything I get seems to be too small and I can only find those plastic kids ones with the big middles :o)