Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thankful Tree 2009

We started the "Thankful Tree" last year for Thanksgiving. Starting in November every night (that we remembered) we would say what we were thankful for, write it on a leaf, & tape it to the tree. If you remember last years tree, yes, this is the exact same one. I never took it down. When June rolled around, I figured it would stay on our door for this year also, instead of having to make a new one. Charly kept tearing off the grass on the bottom. Oh well.

This year we were thankful for:

Charly: Raisins, Boop juice. We didn't guess too many for her.

Nate: Ninja Guys, Jesus, Blue Blankie, Daddy, Hot Wheels, Chicken Nuggets, Snake Eyes, Mr. Incredible, Vinnie & Allie, Juice, Mommy, My Family, Legos, Chairs, Charlotte-Me-Grant-Mommy-Daddy. Every night we asked him, 12 times the first thing he said was, "Jesus & Ninja Guys." Love this kid.

Grant: Cereal, Doors, Thankful Tree, Shoes, Charlotte in her bini "she is so A-DOR-ABLE", Pizza (Mark the Pizza guy, does the Payne family read blogs?), Yougert (yogret), Books & CD's, Tang, School Pictures, Candy-suckers-Kit Kat, Apples, My New Book, Fruit Snacks, Bubbles.

Jenn: White Noise, Working Dryer, Yummy Cheese, My Sewing Machine, Child Bearing Hips, Weight Loss, Soap & Dish Washers, Blankets & Heaters, A Backyard to Garden, Healthy Bodies, Working Cars, Refrigerator, New Countertop & Sink (someday), Our Home.

Jared: Church Callings, Actin & Myosin, Combustion Engine, Savings Accounts, Snot Rags, Everlasting Covenant, My Kids, Ice Modalities, A Safe Ride Home, A Good Wife.

It was fun to think about what you're thankful for. I think this will be a family tradition for next year also. Thanks to Jared for cutting out many perfect leaves!!

Last year we were thankful for: Clothes, Me, (a scribble), Chicken Nuggets, My Boys, Something "Healthy Eyes", Books, TV, March Madness, PIE, Toys, Basketball, Bikes, Cheap Gas, Motherhood, Food, Good Deals, Mac n Cheese & Sleep, The Holiday Season, Internet, Scriptures, Oranges, (another scribble), Playing Outside. We didn't write names so we'll all have to guess who wrote what.

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