Tuesday, November 17, 2009

End of 2009 Update

Charles is just too much for me to describe. She eats more than I do, smiles constantly, growls at you when she wants something, is gorgeous, starting to stand on her own, took her first step yesterday, likes to sing, & so many other things but I'm in a hurry.

We love her so much & can't go anywhere w/o someone mentioning her large blue eyes or how cute she is. She is so well behaved I have no problem taking her anywhere. Her favorite toys are the silliest thing or a ball that fits in her hand.

The Great Nate has been growing the most. He loves to cross his eyes, play G.I. Joe, or some super hero, eats 4 meals in the morning, is never quiet or still (even in his sleep). He can't decide whether or not he wants to potty train. One week he's all about the toilet, the next- nothing.

We change his clothes at least twice a day. He likes to spill, pee, wipe his snot, & hide food in or on his clothes. Too bad my washer just broke.

Grant has started pre-school this year. I am so proud of him, he does what's right & has made several friend's. He learns so much & if you ask him where he learned it, he would say, " my brain just knew it all by itself." He has learned about humor (not very good humor), loves to make up jokes & riddles until Jared & I are asking him to please stop. Our faces hurt from fake laughing.

Grant has just finished his first season of soccer on the Cannonballs team. Poor guy was the youngest, but did alright. We spent most of the game yelling at him to run, or I started telling him there was candy inside the ball. Still didn't work. But he had fun! Learned a lot about sportsmanship, making friends, & kicking & running at the same time.

I know. This picture is super cheesy. Jared was trying to take a flattering picture of me, 20 or so tries, this is what I got. I look like I'm doing a weight loss commercial. My weight is down lower than I can remember, probably my freshman year in HS. It creates a problem, none of my clothes fit unless I safety pin them shut. I know, SHUT UP JENNIFER. It is a happy time for me physically. Currently. Everything else seems to be going wrong. Car issues, no income, things I try don't work out. Oh well. I have the energy I need to keep up with my kids. (Just remember I blow up when preggers.)

I am now serving in Primary to thee buh-est 5 year olds out there. They are super cute, smart & hil-ar-ious. One seriously had me cracking up last week. He even turned to the other kids & said, "look, I'm making her laugh!"
My own kids are the cutest (along with everyone else's) & I love my hubby for working hard. Life is purty good when I remind myself that we will be taken care of.

The hunky Jared has been going back to school. Major: Kinesiology (study of physical therapy/training). This is great since he has always loved learning about muscles, how to work & heal them, etc. He loves to train people, especially on weights. He's enjoying his classes so much that he's getting some pur-tee good grades.

We're hoping for an internship soon, & he'll be taking a top of the line personal trainer certification test this December. His ultimate dream you ask?? A Cross Fit Gym or training in his garage.
Any takers?
He also stepped up as Coach for Grant's soccer team when one was needed. Parents of the kids said he did great. I think he was wonderful & learned a lot about coaching 4 & 5 yr olds.
Jared is currently serving in the YM presidency. Recent quote: "Whoever created Mounds & Almond Joy must have had an unhappy marriage. It had to be a guy. He was the light, fun, nutty person. The wife was dark, bitter & empty." Love how men's minds work.

That's what we've been up to. Hope you've enjoyed.

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The Caldwell's said...

You look so awesome!!!!! I feel like a whale now, I hope to look amazing like you after I give birth.........I so need to work out!!