Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me in a loooooonnng post!

EEK! My mom is getting old!
Nate with is cool swimmies. He went out by himself, 
both boys are learning to swim this summer. 
Grant just ran out there & jumped in. So proud of him.
Tessa made me a red velvet cake, super yummy. 
(Sorry about the cleavage.)

My yummy dessert/ 
bday cake. 
Aren't you jealous?

These are pics that Grant took by himself. 
I want to get the boys a camera for Christmas. 
There are such things as cheap digital cameras right?

And these were taken by Nate.

Heavy Heavy Hangs over my poor head, ...Give me my treats! 

Sorry Nate, the granola is for me!

Below is my favorite picture of the night!
The boys in a wrestling match. 


The Caldwell's said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

You're not old at all...;)

CeAnne said...

Happy Happy Birthday from all of us to you, we wish you a happy birthday so we can party too ;)
Super cute pictures and love the brown top you have with the khaki skirt. Are you making it to the Trout picknick next month?

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday!

Brian and Lori Faulconer said...

Happy birthday! You got lots of treats! You make me wish I didn't have the "don't buy me gifts that are edible" rule!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday and never apologize for cleavage, sometimes it's all we nursing mamas got working for us!

Mrs. F said...

Looks like a fun birthday...Is that the Hasleton's pool? I am pretty sure I have spent an evening in that pool in my Sunday best. (We were crazy kids, I doubt I was even pushed in...)

Happy very late birthday to you!

I LOVE red velvet cake!!! Totally jealous!