Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am in need!!!!

So I have this project in my head for a baby gift. A snuggle fleece blanket that I can crochet around the edges. But I can't find the material I am looking for. So for any of you that shop fabric, this is what I need. You know the style out right now for girls, pink & brown, or that pretty teal & brown. Those colors in stripes or polka dot. Either the teal, or pink. I have found it in cotton, but not the baby snuggle fleece. (Not the fleece where you tie the edges, the softer/ thinner stuff) I have looked at TONS of fabric stores, & have been searching online, but no luck. 

So if you come across anything, please let me know!! Or if you have a favorite website you shop. Thanks!!


Amanda said...

I'll keep my eyes open!

My mother-in-law made Lexy a cute quilt with like fabrics. It turned out so cute! I love brown and pink together!

Dan and Janay said...

Sounds like your making a cute blanket! you need to talk to Stephanie Lewis, she is a fabric craft queen.