Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Well, it's all over. I finished the latest book in the Twilight series. It was fun, too long, but I LOOOVVVEEEDDD the ending. More people should have died. Happy that it took me less than a day, I only went this morning not changing Grant's diaper till afternoon. I think I fed them breakfast. Anyways, I hope my family appreciates my fast reading, otherwise I think I wouldn't be of any use for a complete week. Which is not good. I need to learn to control myself. 

On a lighter note, & for the record, we had a lesson in RS on Sunday about the difference between advice & counsel. Most women groaned about advice from parents & the dreaded Mom in law. I'm a lucky girl to love both my moms, & that they are wonderful as to not shower me with useless advice. They are both insightful & loving. 

As to those strangers at the store when my children are screaming, they can shove their opinions & advice up their nosy behinds. Is that polite enough??? It's not really what I wanted to say, but seemed appropriate enough. 


Nicole said...

I would have wrote the A__ word. Thats just me. Ok time to go finish, you got me excited about finishing the book now

kristin said...

I'm three quarters of the way through it. I started it at 10p last night and finally MADE myself go to bed at 2. I didn't get a chance to pick it up till 2 this afternoon, so I'm almost done. I agree with you that it was long, and at times, really slow, but now that I know the end is exciting, it'll be worth it. The first book, Twilight, is still my favorite.

kristin said...

I forgot to say "Ditto" to the advice thing. I so hear you on strangers opinions.

Amanda said...

Sounds like I missed a good RS lesson! You crack me up!!

Speed reader!!! I am only in the 200's!!!! I tld Brandon I have a date with Edward and Jacob this Saturday night while he watches his UFC stuff. So hopefully I finish by the end of this week!!

Kosel Family Tree said...

Ok this is too weird, my friend who got me started blogging has a blog on this same book! Small world. Just incase you don't have our blog is www.koselfamilytree.blogspot.com

Cousin CeAnne