Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yeah for good weather!!

Thank goodness for good weather. We have been so excited for the time when we can tell the boys to go outside & play!!! They stay outside for at least 45 min. It doesn't sound like much, but it's so nice to have the house to ourselves!!

The tree trunk is their main place of play. Nathan can climb on top, & there are some good looking holes around the base. Maybe after a few years, they will have dug the whole thing up & we won't have to pay for a grinder.

Now, if I can just stop being a paranoid mom & stop checking on them every 2 minutes.


Nicole said...

Thats not being a paranoid mom thats being a good mom :)

Amanda said...

Such cute pics! Brotherly love - how sweet!!

We are Martin said...

Wa-Hoo!! It's warm here too, today is 65 degrees! Right now, my kids are having a picnic outside and I am on the internet in peace.
Oh, and I love the pictures of your couch potatoes.