Thursday, April 17, 2008

Great book!!!

We go to the library almost every Wednesday for story time. Sometimes afterwards I'll let the boys pick out some books. It's so much work though to keep special attention of these borrowed books so that they are not destroyed during their time in the Hasleton's home. So I try to avoid it by leaving the library right away. 

But this week the boys pulled a ton of books. I didn't even look at them before we checked them out. There are some about Hanukah, spiders, some others that don't even look interesting. BUT, I have just read the best kids book EVER!!!! It is called "Mars needs Moms" by Berkeley Breathed. It made me laugh, cry, & feel good about my mommyhood. 

I'm glad I didn't try to sensor the books this week. It allowed one of the boys to pick a book especially for me!! I'm sure an angel was helping guide those little fingers. I recommend this read to all moms!!

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