Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Yellowstone 2014

We, meaning Jennifer, wanted to go to Yellowstone this summer. 
I had one time read about making your children 
realize they weren't the center of the universe. 
A way to do that was to travel. Go places, see things. 
Explore how big our world is. 

So Yellowstone got a visit from the Hasleton family. 
I remember going as a small child. 
Really only remembered the fancy hotel, 
seeing a buffalo  & Old Faithful. 

We camped at Madison camp grounds.
 It was freezing. And rained. 
But our tent was a good one and did well staying dry. 

On the way towards Old Faithful. 
We saw lots of hot springs. 
The kid's biggest complaints was the sulfur smell. 
It wasn't pleasant, but everything was gorgeous!!!

Old Faithful was timed just right. 
We arrived, spent money on souvenirs, and off it went!!!
The kids were amazed for about ten seconds. 
But we can say we've all seen it. 

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone was outstanding. 
So much to see. Different views. It was beautiful. 
A lot of walking and some hiking. 
Jared & I had lots of exercise carrying Britton on our backs. 

Me waiting in the car. One night I did not get much sleep. 
I tried in vain to hide for a nap. 

 Eating at a hotel at Old Faithful. 

Souvenirs. $12 for "Peppermint"

 Lots of fun at the campsite. 
Grandma & Grandpa were a couple sites down. 
We got to play. 

Talented Daddy. 

We did a lot of driving around. 
Saw a bear, tons of deer, herds of buffalo and at the end a moose. 

It was a blast. I hope to go again in a few years. 
See if the kids remember it. 

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