Monday, September 10, 2012

First Days of School

It's been busy around the Hasleton household! School has started!
Homework, flyers, PTG meetings, what not to wear, schedules, etc.

Here are the boys on their first day. 9-4-12
Grant to Second, Nate to Kinder

Charlotte one week later 9-10-12 to preschool. 

She has a carrot in her mouth. Wouldn't swallow it for anything.

And Grant gets his first pair of glasses. 
I'm so nervous for them. Not the cheapest things around. 
But it's fun watching him be able to see. 
He keeps moving them up & down at things & saying, "wow, it's blurry, then it's not." 
It's so hilarious & sad at the same time. 
I'm waiting to see what gets better for him with good vision. 
The poor kid has been walking around with a worse vision than me. And I can't see squat. 

Hey you bloggers. Update your blogs with awesome pics of what you're doing would ya!

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