Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Great Nate!!

My passionate child has turned 5. I can't believe how big these kids grow.
For his bday, we did heavy heavy hangs with cousins, had lots of yummy desserts
& are planning a fun birthday party involving Nerf guns,
camouflage & face protection.
We'll see how that goes!

My Nathan LOVES Star Wars & playing PBS games on the computer.
He builds very interesting things with Trios & LEGOS.
And can roll cars along my furniture surfaces all day long.
He loves going to school where the ladies like him.
He can't wait for kinder next year. He has the energy of 4 kids put together,
but looks like an absolute angel when he sleeps.

A fun conversation we had with him the other night while reading scriptures goes like this:

Mommy: The bad guys wanted to fight because they wanted power & rich things. The good guys were defending their freedom & their families.
Daddy: If anyone ever made me choose between Mommy & anything else, I would choose Mommy. Even if they would give me all the money in the world.
Nate: If the bad guys said I had to choose between bacon or Mommy. I would choose Mommy.

Pause while he thinks.

Nate: Yeah, I'm right. I would choose Mommy.

Thanks Nate. I choose you too!!!