Friday, November 4, 2011

Shout out Friday, Hasleton quote & Halloween......

Shout out Friday (Should have been last weeks)

You know you had a good night
when there is chocolate on the door handle of the fridge.

Here are my Halloween hooligans.

And for my quotes:

Grant: "Mom, I have a secret about Daddy. But I'm not gonna tell you."
Me: "Why? Cause it will get him in trouble?"
Grant: "Yup!"

Nathan: "Mom, can Jesus do anything He wants? Like destroy the planet Pluto?"
Me: "Yes. He can do anything He wants. Everything listens to Him. Even the dirt."
Nathan: "How? Does He use a force? Like the Jedi force?"
Me: "No. Not the Jedi force. Jesus uses a REAL force."
Nathan: "Oh, Jesus should use the Jedi force. It's so cool."


Melissa said...

I'm not sure I approve of that picture! I was trying to avoid being in that picture.

Melissa said...

We need to dip some more of those mint oreos before they take them off the market. You've got some left over chocolate right? ;)