Thursday, July 7, 2011


Although Nate has another year of pre school, he got to participate in his class' graduation.

The awesome Ms. Roxann.

Ms. Kim. Nate wouldn't drop his mask they used for their performance.

At the water park to celebrate Nate's pre school.

Us waiting VERY patiently for Grant's kinder graduation to start.

Mrs. Bridgham. One of the greatest kinder teachers out there!!

Grant's good friend Joseph who called 3 times a day every day
till I gave him a limit of once a day.
Who knew 5 yr olds talked on the phone so much?
Grant had memorized several friend's phone numbers, but not mine.
Not sure how that works.

Can't believe my boys are getting so big.
Here's to the summer & all the wonderfully disturbing strawberries
my plants produce.

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laughsoutloud said...

Looks like Mickey Mouse! Super Cool!