Thursday, July 1, 2010

Baby #4

So the tech said she's 90% sure it's a girl.
Sometimes it looked like a boy, others, nothing.
I'm going with girl since it sure seems she's
starting early with giving me headaches.
And making me eat whole LARGE bags of PB M&M's.
My pants aren't fitting. My fat maternity pants.
This happened with Charly too.
It must be the female hormones.
They equal large backside.
I guess the batch of fudge & no bake cookies
last week didn't help either.

She was also caught yakking it up in there.
Seriously, her mouth was constantly moving.
Open close, open close.
That's what we girls do well.
I have another appointment tomorrow.
Maybe it will be more clear.
So maybe it's a Lewis or Luke.
Or Elliot Joy Olee, or Riley or Claire.
We'll see.


Carrie said...

i love the name elliot for a girl!

Andrea S said...

I guess it'll be a fun suprise!!

kristin said...

I hope it's a girl. Then you'll have two and two and that always makes for fun pictures!

Nicole said...

90% is good! I bet Charly has a sister in there. Im totally having second thoughts about not finding out the sex now, this post was very exciting.

The Shaffers said...

With Hannah he tech said she was 85% sure it was a girl, and she was right. I knew she was a girl though, from very early i just knew.. But thats one pretty baby you got in there, cant wait to see the name choice yu pick. Is there any storys behind your name choices??

The Caldwell's said...

:) The baby is so darn cute! Your boys are handsome and you girl is beautiful, either way, this baby will be so cute!