Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A New Favorite

Drop whatever you are doing & go get a copy of
"The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society"
(I think the library has a lengthy list over 100 people)
I just finished it & LOVED it! It was funny, interesting,
disturbing, (war stories) but made me grab each of my
children & be grateful for them. The characters were some of the
best developed & the story line was the best. I don't really know how to
describe this book. Just get through those first few pages
with all the characters, then you'll be there
& wanting to buy a plane ticket to Guernsey.
(Although Jared says it's not worth it.)

Also, Jared just made the best eggplant bacon pasta.
Better than any pasta I've had at a restaurant.
His cooking really has ruined eating out.
Thanks to Vinnie for the recipe.

Chop bacon into a skillet at medium
Add onions when bacon gets "chewy"
Add garlic and cubed eggplant when onion starts to get clear
When eggplant tastes good to you, add to cooked pasta and chopped tomatoes. Add fresh mozzarella as a nice touch - I like to shake salt on the whole pot and mix it.

Sorry, no measurements.


Francais Frit said...

Post the recipe! Bacon is good on everything....

Nicole said...

I have been dying for a good book to read. I just finished The Time Travelers Wife and was greatly dissapointed. I did not like the characters at all!!!!!

Carrie said...

Please share the recipe!

Patrick and Krystine said...

Hey if you want to just send me an email on facebook with your address then I can send some bows out to you. I hope you like them, its hard to get good colors now because its fall and all the colors are changing, sorry.