Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I love Paid Family Leave

Since Jared gets 6 weeks for Paid Family Leave, I have been one spoiled girl. He gets the boys up in the morning, feeds them, dresses them, then takes Charly so I can sleep until 11 am. I have become a little lazy. For example, I like to yell for Jared from the bed if I need something. He comes & helps me with whatever. So the other morning, I was wanting Jared to come get Charly so I could sleep. I yell politely a couple of times, hit the wall a bit, yell a little louder, but still no answer. (I've always teased him that I'll get a bell since it would drive him nuts) So I get my lazy bum out of bed but my boys are no where to be found. I go to the garage & this is what I see. 
They have taken boxes & built "Bad guys" to beat up. Both Grant & Nate have been a little more aggressive towards each other due to the changes & not being able to go outside with all the rain. Jared built them people that they could beat up on all they wanted. 

Jared actually traced the boy's profiles for the faces & built arms from tree twigs. 

Once the bad guys are dead, they can be put back together to kill again

Thank you my love, for all the time you are spending with them.

(To all you other Moms, no I don't mind that they use the words kill & dead. 
I believe boys are born with this knowledge along with playing "guns")


Michelle said...

Hilarious! What a good Dad/Husband Jared is. I wait on Jeremy hand and foot, so I look forward to the time when he will have to do it for me!

Jennifer Rae said...

Jen, I think it is natural for boys to protect, even themselves. I think Jared had a brilliant idea!

Patrick and Krystine said...

I think that is so funny! Maybe that would be a good idea for me too, when I can't go outside! Its way cute!
Krystine(Jareds cousin)

The Caldwell's said...

Oh boy! What a funny activity. I should tell my sister about it. My nephew gets stressed out a bit when it's too snowy outside.

Amanda said...

PFL is the best!!!