Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas creations

All right boys. When you read this in the future, please try to remember that I TRIED to be good at doing crafts with you. I TRIED to have patience, & I TRIED to let you do as much as possible without taking over & doing it myself. 
In the case of the Ginger bread house, I did most of it myself. It was a little tricky. And yes, I put each individual shingle on the roof. 
You guys tried your hardest to get the eyes & nose to stay on our Rudolph candy canes, but eventually I vacuumed them all up.
Your Christmas countdown you did almost by yourself. They turned out wonderful. But we never remembered to take off a loop each day. It ended up being 3 or 4 days at a time (which made for good hand cuffs) so I think that depletes the purpose of learning what a day is or counting them down. 

These trees would have lasted forever if Nathan wasn't obsessed with the little gingerbread men. He took them all off, I swear I picked up more than what we put on. And Daddy just got mad at them because they were always in the way. Maybe Christmas 2009 will be a little more hands on & not Mommy doing most of the work!! 

(by the way, thank you for breaking so many Christmas decorations & ornaments. Now I don't have to store them anymore!!)


Erixgirl said...

Good job on all the crafts boys! What a fun mommy to make all those things with you guys! Please don't tell my kids...they will be jealous!
Happy Holidays!!!

spencenjess said...

Next year we should plan a Christmas craft playgroup, so all the mommies together can help with creativity (and clean up). I researched a ton of crafts this year, but only got to a few of them before I lost my marbles. Our tree this year was all homemade (not too precious to lose) ornaments. I didn't even bother unpacking the breakables. Genna broke enough of other people's ornaments for me to learn that lesson. P.S. Don't ever let her hold a snow globe! She's 100% for breaking them.
Happy New Year!

Lisa said...

Hilarious! You rock as a Momma.

Michelle said...

Awesome Gingerbread House!

: )