Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tahoe vacation

For the Memorial day weekend, we went up to Tahoe with some friends. We were supposed to be camping, but the weather stank, so we rented a cabin. It was still fun even though we couldn't go outside too much. We watched movies, played with the kids, stayed up late talking, made s'mores off the BBQ, & played the WII. Yup, we finally bought a WII last week. Fun videos to come!

Us girls spent some time reading. Although it was hard to focus with 6 kids running around. Make that 5 kids. Miley slept through the whole weekend. We ate lots of junk food. Stomach is still a little upset. So enjoy the pics!!


JB and Kirsti Meyer Family said...

Hey, invite me next time huh! I'm so hurt. :) It looked like fun! Did you bring a Cedusky with you? I miss that family, but I miss you (my family) even more.

Michelle said...

Looks like everyone had fun. I am so jealous of your wii. I want one so bad, and the wii fit, too. I keep telling jeremy it is for my health, but he's not going for it.
: D

We are Martin said...

So, you waited until we left to get a wii. I guess I should thank you. It's best that I never know what I'm missing.
And you know it's a great getaway when you have quiet time to read!