Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mother's day

A cute pic on the trampoline on Mother's day! And here is a pic of the quilt, see if you can figure out who's material is who's. Each kid has two different patterns. The back has cute ice cream material for Laurie.


Kirsti Meyer said...

AMAZING! I wish I could be as crafty cool as you are. I'm super impressed. Is Mom going to replace her old primary quilt with this one? It'd be fun, I'll suggest it, only Jared will probably have to hang it up there. :)

Laurie Hasleton said...

Yes, I replaced the old primary quilt with Jennifer's COOL new quilt. The quilt was just so awesome that I couldn't just use it as a regular quilt. It HAD to be displayed for all the world to see.
And I hung it up there all by myself!